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Preparation of Financial Statements under International Accounting Standards

Course Objectives The concept of financial statements, their characteristics and objectives. Accounting standards that govern the process of preparing financial statements, and their role in achieving the objectives of these financial statements. Characteristics of accounting information and data, classification of accounts. The quantity and quality of transparency required, appropriate and available. Types of financial statements. …

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Requirements for modern administrative business tasks

Course Objectives Defining the concept of administrative business tasks. Modern office management. The role and responsibilities of office managers. The importance of effective managerial skills for contacting office managers. Appointment skills, meeting management and organization, using intranet applications and modern media. Principles of electronic archiving.

Legal drafting of administrative decisions and circulars

Course Objectives Methods of conducting administrative activities. What are the administrative decisions and generalizations and their elements? The principle of legality and judicial oversight of the administration’s work. The lawsuit of cancellation and a complete lawsuit. Conditions for accepting an action to cancel administrative decisions. Aspects of revoking administrative decisions.

The difference between marketing and sales skills

Course Objectives Define marketing and sales concepts. Marketing plans requirements and mechanisms. Study and analysis of markets and formulate the marketing message. Modern sales models. Exercises and practical applications.

Invest your time for the future

Course Objectives How to turn your time into real investment. Available time can be turned into wealth in the future. Study and determine the current conditions and determine future paths. Improve the outlook for future goals. How do we start from now to harvest tomorrow’s results.

Skills of dealing with the media

Course Objectives The importance of media to institutions. Institutional contact according to the requirements of institutional excellence. Features and characteristics of modern media. Attention to the mechanisms of building and crafting the media message.

Organizational & Operational Planning Skills

Course Objectives The concept of planning towards institutional excellence. Analysis of the current status of the institution. Writing and formulating goals. Design a schedule schedule. Designing the agenda and tasks. Continuous monitoring and evaluation.

Modern skills of management and transformational leadership

Course Objectives: Knowledge bases of the principles of functional tasks according to administrative levels.  Practical applications of the elements of the administrative process. Strategic and operational planning when building an institutional strategy. Organizing and designing work systems and reformulating processes. Designing the organizational and functional structures of the institution.

Administrative Leadership

Course Objectives Definition of leadership, leader and manager. Types of leadership. The qualities of an outstanding leader. The importance of leadership in modern management.


Course Overview Electricity is an essential ingredient of our lives and has vast social implications to all nations. It is perhaps among the greatest and most important developments of the 20th century that continues to touch our lives daily. The economic and social developments of nations have been intrinsically coupled to electricity use. The lack …

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Content Marketing

Course Description Repellat perspiciatis cum! Doloremque ea viverra eu doloremque tellus aliqua gravida fuga dolorum augue, donec beatae. Class urna et doloremque facilisis autem risus fuga nullam quibusdam, tortor deleniti, accumsan dolorem? Posuere hac? Tellus maiores ullam ullamcorper, nostrud lacinia veniam torquent? Consequuntur a lobortis magnam mollis ac, explicabo nobis, pretium omnis, adipisci placerat, nostrum …

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Email Marketing Strategies

Course Description In porttitor ipsum eu justo condimentum euismod. Ut ullamcorper viverra neque a porttitor. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Donec sit amet viverra purus. Improving Your Email Strategies Deliverability Designing Marketing Emails  

Social Media Marketing

Course Description Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque porta augue tortor. Id placerat libero viverra sit amet. Nulla laoreet mattis orci ut rhoncus. Nullam imperdiet eget lectus ut vehicula. Phasellus lobortis turpis ac est venenatis sodales. Pellentesque auctor vulputate accumsan. Key concepts covered include: Developing Strategy Monitoring Digital Advertising Basic Investment Social …

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