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       Smart Ascension Center for Professional Management Development is one of the leading institutions in the field of training inside the United Arab Emirates and abroad. The center is a platform to adopt and apply the latest smart training systems supported by artificial intelligence to fill the gap between the growing requirements and the infinite developments of personal, institutional and communal training needs.

The cumulative professional and managerial abilities that the center experts and advisors have is considered the basis for conveying knowledge through the latest methods and systems in the field of training. We have taken into consideration the escalation of all the parties in the training process starting from the trainee, trainer, training content, training environment.


      Smart Ascension Center was established according to the concept and the principles of the excellence management, creative thinking and concepts of artificial intelligence.

the Center aims to contribute through thought, effort and technology to create the desired change process, in accordance with the goals, objectives and aspirations of individuals and organizations. This is to enable them to face the competition and to keep up with the fast and comprehensive changes and developments both on local and international level

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